Lusitano horse
A unique horse in the world

Riding the Lusitano horse

The Lusitano horses are successors of the Iberian horses and are today one of the most preferred and famous horse breeds in Portugal. The Lusitano horses derived their names from the ancient name Lusitania which was used to designate a part of the territory between Spain and Portugal in the early times under the roman rule. However it is to be noted that till the 6th decade of the 20th century, the Lusitanos were grossly considered as a variant of the Iberian horses and it was only in the 1960s that the term Lusitano was used to refer to a unique category of horse breeds.

Lusitano horse riding

The Lusitano horses have been considered to be extremely efficient in case of various activities in the warfront or during bullfighting. In fact they have been regarded as one of the best riding horses. This is because of various reasons. The Lusitano horses have very strong and robust physical features. They have a sub-convex front profile which is considered as appropriate in cases of fights or combats. The forelegs and hind legs are strong and muscular and support the broad chest profile. It is necessary to note that the Lusitano horses are considered to be experts in different forms of dressage that is to say that they are efficient in all forms of movements like piaffe, pirouettes, passage and other different forms of classical dressage and it is their proficiency in these aspects that have enabled them to become master riders. A very significant aspect which is also responsible for making Lusitanos the perfect riding horses is that they have a calm temperament and are extremely sensible and therefore they are capable of working in close coordination with their riders. These have made the Lusitano horses the most favored option as riding horses.